Design Studio IKA Academy of fine Arts, Vienna
Bachelors Winter Semester 2014/15
Michelle Howard and Luciano Parodi


Wand: Gewand
Gottfried Semper argued that Architecture should be like a garment (wand = wall, gewand = garment). If this is so, both architecture and garments can be worn. A garment is seen to be worn when its boundary moves with the body. Buildings are typically inhabited, not worn, because the body moves independently of the boundary, but could this change? Can the building be more intrinsically related to us, than our current usage of it as a stage on which we move?

With these questions in mind The studio underwent 2 interconnected units
Unit 1 : The tortoise and the turtle are animals whose thermal comfort system is ten times more efficient than that of humans and whose interaction with its environment takes place primarily through its hull. Each Student reconstructed a particular one with special attention to the carapace, plastron, the retraction and emergence of the limbs.

Unit 2 : Using the knowledge gained through the careful study and reconstruction through modelling in unit 1, Groups of 2 or 3 students constructed a 1:1 prototype which respond to the following: generate a heat difference of 10 degrees, permit a person to retreat into and partly emerge from it in order to move, have a surface of approximately 5m² and , lastly, comment on the concept of comfort.
Betat Florian, Brückner Moritz, Dobicka Aleksandra, Dogan Iklim
Felber Ella, Glatz Bettina, Grabher Jakob, Grabner Seiko
Huempfner Heike, Karska Maja, Klammer Maximilian, Krause Nadja
Kreil Silvester, Pflüger Lea, Resch Marina, Starygina Svetlana
Strigl Lukas, Ungerhofer Lisa, Vraber Patricia
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