slow movements on a giant's landscape.
Tilted Fields. How to make a medium scaled building in a landscape where only the Gigantic and the Microscopic are at ease? lnto this environment of Tilted Fields we took a giant step and introduced our own. They are lifted approximately five metres above the ground and occupy all of the space within the site boundary that is below the ridge line. These tilted fields seem like flat featureless straight edged milky planes from afar , but on approaching one realises that they are not at all flat but three dimensional and tilted at heady angles, not at all featureless but extremely detailed and complex, not at all straight edged but fuzzy, not at all milky but shimmering and transparent.
Molecular Perfection. The Fields' stainless steel structure derives its lightness from the strongest and most efficient shape known to nature and found in surfaces as disparate as molecules and cooled volcanic lava, the hexagon. Man is only beginning to understand how materials, when submitted to enormous pressure can form diatomic molecules and thus achieve Physical, Chemical and Mechanical values very close to their theoretical limits, because of their perfection of structure - their molecular perfection.
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