Prefabricated Homes made in Germany for the Irish Climate

The Houses are so conceived that they work WITH the climate: They use the wind to keep the house dry, thus significantly reducing heating costs while maintaining generous openings.
The house is broken into small low volumes providing the dual advantages of low wind resistance and the creation of a sheltered courtyard which enables the inhabitant to spend more time outside in sheltered conditions.
The facades of the sheltered courtyard are fully glazed with large generous sliding doors enabling a usage akin to the traditional Japanese house where the borders between inside and outside are blurred.
The small low volumes are identical in outside dimensions and are joined by a flexible knuckle allowing easy adaptation to site conditions while maintaining a high level of standardisation. The houses are conceived similarly to a quality car, the basic models are very similar and the big difference are in the small but important details, outside and inside skins and the number of their layers, insulation and their thicknesses, fuel and energy control.
These are predominantly rural houses and the nature of their modularity enables the first-time buyer to either upgrade the modules themselves
and/or add new modules to increase floor area.

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